About Me
I am an artist that has been doing Caricature Art for the
past fourteen years. I have worked at Six Flags Darien Lake
in Western New York since I was a junior in High School. I
spent one winter season doing Caricatures at Busch
Gardens, in Tampa, Florida. In 2006 I quit working at theme
Parks and decided to go it alone  and start my own
business. My Caricature business has been rewarding in
many ways. Because it's my own business, I get to meet a
lot of really great people that like my work and have become
repeat customers. They also recommend me to their
employers and friends. This has helped me to build up a
customer base that keeps me working frequently
throughout the year. I do most of my jobs in the cities of
Buffalo, Rochester and the suburbs surrounding these large
metropolitan areas. I have taught several classes to
beginner artists, on Caricature technique at the local Hyatt's
Art Supply Store in Clarence, NY.
For more information about Caricatures by
Joy, feel free to contact me at